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‘Striking’: What’s really causing Australia’s property disaster

Countless Aussies are suffering through a brutal housing crisis – but the true cause of the problem might not be what you think.

As Australia’s rental crisis goes from bad to worse, attention is increasingly turning to what’s driving the grim trend – and one group in particular tends to cop much of the blame.

Many Aussies have been pointing the finger at migrants, with a looming influx of arrivals – 400,000 in 2022-23– expected to significantly squeeze the strained housing market, pushing already sky-high house prices and rent even higher.

However, a viral tweet this week named a new possible culprit, reigniting the fierce debate once again. RedBridge Group Australia director Kos Samaras recently took to Twitter to share a map of Airbnb properties, claiming it proved the platform and others like it were causing serious problems.

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