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This FREE property investment analysis tool forecasts before and after tax cashflow, change in tax paid, future property market value, annual equity gain etc over 30 years based on your assumptions around property purchase price, your taxable income, home loan repayment, and rental expenses. This online PIA tool is more flexible than other property analysis tools because this calculator allows you to specify several important growth rates including Capital Growth Rate (%), Rental Growth Rate (%), Rental Outgoings/Expenses Growth Rate (%), and Taxable Income Growth Rate (%) which means the analysis result is more accurate and robust for the long-term projection needed in property investment. Please Note: All the numbers are per annum (yearly) unless otherwise stated. This calculator assumes if applicable that co-owners own the property as joint tenants which means they each hold an equal interest in the property. Based on this assumption 50% of the rental income and expenses are attributed to each co-owner.

Please Note: This investment property calculator was NOT intended to be used for commercial properties.

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